Hey, I’m Hannah!

Photographer, artist, wife, mama, and friend. I wear a lot of hats, but the artist hat is probably why you landed here. So, welcome!

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from LSU in 2008 and I’ve been working as a photographer ever since. My specialty has been lifestyle family and children’s portraits, but I also love working with small businesses and bloggers to help create beautiful and meaningful photographs.

My need and love to create art eventually led me to paint and canvas. Because of my training as a photographer, I find I have a unique ability to see light and color in a way that others might not. The process of painting for me is an active celebration of the creation around us and the hope that it brings.

My mission is to use both painting and photography to bring joy, encouragement, and light to all who experience it.

I also run a lifestyle blog called Cold Coffee Hot Mess, where I share more day to day life along with encouragement and a heavy dose of humor.